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So Pleasant, So Nice, So Courteous And So Helpful

By Elizabeth Delaney · Agent Nancy Mitchell · in Vancouver, British Columbia

My 2 friends and I leave early in the morning for our 6 day/night trip to Las Vegas/Princess Cruise back to Vancouver.

We were assigned seats 51DEF on the aircraft and when we looked up the aircraft on the net discovered we were the very, very, last row, even behind the washrooms. Good grief.

Also, apparently because it is a block booking, we could not run off our boarding passes and would have had to go to the airport to check in. You know, the long line up.

I called the 1-800 number on my sheet and spoke with your employee Nancy.

I must tell you that she went well above and beyond normal customer service. When I explained our situation she said, let me see what I can do and see how far I can get with the check-in etc. She was able to check the 3 of us in, change our seats to row 37 (instead of behind the washrooms) and we are all together, as well as do our Boarding Passes. She emailed them to me so now all we have to do is go to the baggage drop counter.

She was so pleasant, so nice, so courteous and so helpful. I thanked her very, very much and I wanted you to know you have a stellar employee in Nancy. My next trip I am going to go to her exclusively.

Thank her for me once again and you have a good weekend.

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