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I trust Linda to make our trip meaningful and fun.

By D Freedman · Agent Linda McRae · about River or Ocean Cruises
My family has taken a number of cruises all of which I have booked independently of an agent. Over the years I have gotten to know Linda and she earned my trust to book our next cruise with her. We are currently booked to take the Holland America cruise from Vancouver on May 2nd 2020. We booked two suites for our family to enjoy our first Holland America adventure. Linda worked tirelessly to ensure that we had a fantastic package. That our family would enjoy this voyage, and this would truly be a phenomenal trip for our family. This was a very special adventure for us as I am retiring from my career in banking after 26 years and we were celebrating as a family with this cruise. We had a very narrow window to make this happen as my young adult kids (20 and 22) both attend university and have a shoulder semester break in the spring, therefore, we had two cruises to choose from. 
While we don’t know what will happen with cruising out of Canada at this moment. What I do know is that Linda has taken the initiative on numerous occasions to connect with us post our booking and in fact connected with us again today to update us on the latest events. What I will tell you is I trust Linda to make our trip meaningful and fun. I believe that she balances the goals of your organization and the goals of her clients with integrity and passion.
Should we have to postpone this trip it is with 100% confidence that we will re-book this with Holland American again next year assuming that Holland America will honour our booking for next year.
Honestly in my travels, one doesn’t always work with individuals who passionately care about their clients. Linda does just that. She has earned my trust as has Holland America. 

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