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"our coastal cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam from San Diego to Vancouver."

By Stephen Yee · Agent Robert Vanthof · in Vancouver, British Columbia

I thought I'd write to give you some feedback on our coastal cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam from San Diego to Vancouver.

The package deal was a really good deal for sure. We saw the Nieuw Amsterdam ship last summer at Canada Place and we thought back then that it would be nice to try out that ship. Looks like we did just that last week and we found the food and service on the ship really good, better than we expected. I've told several friends and family members about the trip. Hopefully they can take advantage of it next year or other good deals when offerered by your company.

Just one other point I would like to mention is that over 30 of us waited for over an hour and a half at the airport for a shuttle to take us to Hampton Inn. The hotel offered us a ride to the ship in the morning of the cruise but we were sceptical as to how long a wait that might take so we just walked to the ship. I have to say, Hampton Inn is not very orgainized.

Other than that we had a great time and I thank you again for coordinating the trip for us. I'll keep my eyes on your website for future deals.

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