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Bon Voyage 2019

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Closing 2018 — Looking forward to great trips in 2019

Here are great reads that you just may find useful as you get ready to travel in 2019

If your health takes a backseat when you travel, it’s time to revisit what’s in your suitcase. This edition of the Packing List rounds up the products you need to make sure your health is a top priority when you travel. 

Amsterdam is probably the first stop on anyone's trip to the Netherlands—and for good reason. But there is so much more to this small country (about one-third the size of Pennsylvania) than its capital city. Think rows of windmills, fields of tulips, and cities bursting with culture and charm. Luckily for you, it's all just a short drive or train ride away from that main city hub. Here's a list to get you started.

neighbors, from the Phoenicians and Romans to the Christians, Ottomans, Armenians, and French. Those influences are layered into the landscape—with ancient temples crumbling near Crusades-era castles, Greek Orthodox churches, and mosques—and, not surprisingly, the food.

There's more to the island than just the cosmopolitan attractions of London, the royal heritage of Edinburgh, or the coastal allure of Cardiff. Bustling markets to quaint villages, labyrinthine streets to sprawling landscapes, majestic palaces to cozy pubs; there's certainly plenty to be excited about.

Wishing you safe and memorable travels in the coming year!

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